International Scientific Conference „Business and Management“, 10th International Scientific Conference „Business and Management 2018“

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Strategic foresight: towards enhancing leadership capabilities and business sustainability
Baiba Dominiece-Diasa, Ineta Portnova, Tatjana Volkova

Last modified: 2018-09-14


Organizations with well-developed strategic foresight capabilities have higher level awareness about the emerging pattern of external environment threats and opportunities and make better decisions to respond to these challenges. Scholars emphasise that even though topics on leadership and leadership capabilities have become increasingly popular, there is still little research on concepts and methods of ”futures studies”. Research purpose is to investigate the level of development of strategic foresight capabilities on the top management level in the drone industry and its application for ensuring long term business sustainability. Research methodology: a case study method and semi-structured interviews. The main results of the research show that the drone industry applies some strategic foresight capabilities which are not fully recognized and exploited systematically by the business leaders. Development and application of strategic foresight capabilities could be considered as a strategic priority in the industry.



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