International Scientific Conference „Business and Management“, 10th International Scientific Conference „Business and Management 2018“

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Towards smarter specialisation – key drivers of nanotechnology development in Podlaskie region
Lukasz Nazarko

Last modified: 2018-09-14


The paper focuses on the issue of the approaches and methods used in the identification of regional smart specialisation areas. It is argued that foresight is a critical element in the formulation of a smart specialisation strategy. More extensive use of tools from the field of foresight and future studies may lead to smarter specialisations – the ones that anticipate the emergence of high-growth technologies and sectors. At the same time it is observed that foresight approach is insufficiently appreciated in Poland in this context. The case of Podlaskie voivodship is described. The results of a technological foresight project on nanotechnology development in Podlaskie voivodship is presented together with a proposal of a methodology for updating its results.



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