International Scientific Conference „Business and Management“, 11th International Scientific Conference „Business and Management 2020“

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Digitalization as an enabler of business model dynamics
Mariana Tesařová, Aleš Krmela, Iveta Šimberová

Last modified: 2020-06-09


The purpose of the article is to answer a research question related to the extent of the impact of digitalization on a business model (BM) of a focal company. An original primary, qualitative research has been conducted. It draws on multiple, in-depth case studies on a globally active B2B incumbent manufacturing companies that recently implemented a digital platform-based customer relationship management system. The data were gathered through participative observation and semi-structured interviews with system users and project leaders. The contribution of the research is in linking the business model dynamic change with a customer relationship management system (CRMS). It identifies the element HOW – value creation – as the mainly affected element of BM of the focal company.



customer relationship management, digitalization, business model dynamics, manufacturing companies, B2B

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